About Us


Seraphim Skincare was a business idea that I carried in my head for many years but various life choices steered me in a different direction. I have zig zagged across Australia, my home town, and New Zealand in the last 10 years with my husband and two beautiful boys. I distinctly remember leaving London in 2008 and my life was never quite the same. This wonderful city shaped me in subtle ways and I lost my 'rhythm' when I left. The glitz and glamour, thriving fashion base, social diversity, the acceptance of the weird and whacky, a mix of the old and modern world - London simply had something for everyone. It still does.

A decade later, I am back in London with the birth of Seraphim Skincare. Why? I have always loved skincare. My mum always looked after her complexion and I naturally did the same. I have tried so many brands – high end luxury brands to supermarket and boutique brands. But I was looking for something unique, with the right blend of ingredients designed for the those who consciously looked after their appearance. I am not shy about telling people that I love wearing cosmetics, I love getting dressed up for social events, shopping, training at the gym, getting my hair done and most of all – just taking care of myself in general. It’s what I call ‘self-respect’.

Why now? My two boys are both over 7 years of age, so managing them has become relatively easier as they are more independent. This was the perfect turning point for me. I consciously steered my ship to where I wanted it to go. I knew I still had to keep my corporate day job to fund my business, work long hours to maintain a healthy balanced home life while burning the midnight oil on my skincare business. I knew I had the entrepreneurial spirit. I wanted to bring it to life. I had to get my head around marketing, photography, branding and most of all selling which was begging for development. I am not a showy type person and often don’t like to be in the limelight (still don’t) but I realise my brand is me and I need to cultivate it best I can through my products. I don’t fear hard work, I only fear not enjoying my work.

My skincare range will not be right for everyone. What I can genuinely tell you is that I live and breathe my products every day --- I love using it every day. I constantly think about how I can improve the already high standard of quality. I have tried many skincare products since I was a teenager and Seraphim Skincare’s quality truly speak for themselves.

Enjoy the Labour of Love that went into creating Seraphim.

Ninah K.