Let us face it; practically everyone would like to look as young as they possibly can, particularly once they reach their mid thirties or early forties. For the most part, it’s around this age that people first begin to see the appearance of fine lines, especially around one’s eyes, and once those first lines appear, they seem to get worse with each passing day.

Up until quite recently, those of us wanting to turn back the hands of time only had a few options to choose from. To make matters even worse, the options which were available were beyond the reach of most ordinary people, simply because they were way too expensive. We all know just how expensive cosmetic surgery is, even if you do travel abroad to have it done in countries where the costs are more reasonable.

Botox injections, chemical peels, and even micro-dermabrasion have been used extensively to reduce lines and wrinkles, but again, the cost of these procedures has meant only the wealthy could afford them.

We have also of course seen thousands of anti wrinkle creams and anti aging serums arrive on the market, but as countless people have discovered, they simply don’t produce the sort of results we are looking for, irrespective of how expensive they are. Additionally, the vast majority of brand name products contain highly questionable chemical ingredients, some of which we will look at shortly.

Forget all those gimmicky anti aging products that promise to make you look 10 years younger overnight. Forget all about those “far out” products that contain so-called miracle ingredients like human growth hormone or human foreskin cells. Don’t be misled into believing your favorite celebrity looks as young as they do because they use one of these products. They might appear in the adverts, and they may even promote the products, but they very rarely use those products in real life.

What you need is a range of skin care products that are manufactured from the highest quality all-natural ingredients, and each of those ingredients must have been put to the test in vigorously controlled studies and trials. [Read more at:]

So that is why we created Seraphim Skincare. While I appreciate that there are many reputable skincare companies and formulas out there, it is hard to tell which ones are 'fair dinkum' or not. I stand by our products. I stand by the quality of our products. I use my products literally everyday because I trust it. I feel good every time I use it. It works. I know it is all about trial and error. I have been buying and testing skincare products for the last 20 years of my life. I have cupboards and shelves filled with cheap to high end luxury brands. But do I need these many products? No. I no longer need them. I stick to the brands I know and have worked for my skin type. So there are only a select few brands that I use in conjunction with Seraphim Skincare.

But long and short of it - go and do your research. Test what works for you but as the articles say, natural skincare is the way to go. But that means leading a healthy life style as well --- now that is the real key!

Remember, you only have skin suit - look after it with the utmost care.

Have a good week.

Team Seraphim