Yep, it is that time of month again and you are feeling like...well, crap right?

You are definitely not alone here. Everyday I get to engage with women from all different backgrounds and ages so I hear their stories about how constantly tired they are. So tired, that they fear any further commitments on top of what they already have to manage on a daily basis. This is an existence I am very familiar with. I have my good days albeit tiring but I find most challenges are a mind set. Just hear me out.

There are days where I just seriously just can't control my emotions and end up being so grumpy it's frightening. I am super sensitive and I will literally cry if anybody says tickety-boo to me. But one morning, I read an article on a suggested 'coping' approach. It was really simple.

When you feel like you are going to explode, take 10 deep breathes and step back from the situation that is taking you out of where you want to be. Wait a while and asses if your problem is big in the bigger scheme of things. Then reflect on what is good in your life and take it from there. Think about those less fortunate. Think about what everybody refers to as "first world problems". And in all honesty, that's all there is to it.

Of course not all problems are of the same size - some worse than others. But the process of how we manage these feelings and emotions of anger will be the same.

Being mentally exhausted is very different from being physically tired. I usually go for a long walk or go to the gym. I put on my headphones and away I go. Once the music starts, my brain goes into "train hard" mode and it is the most amazing feeling in the world.

I know it is hard to get to the gym or undertake some level of physical activity at times, but the key is to really force yourself to do so. Half the battle is getting your mind to agree with you - but once you jump this hurdle, the rest is history.

The secret is consistency. Make it part of your daily routine until such time as it is does not even become a decision anymore. You will feel much better for it. Believe me.

Enjoy life.

Team Seraphim