Training Before Birth...After Birth...And Now!

Training Before Birth...After Birth...And Now!

On 20th Apr 2018

So you have been through pregnancy or pregnancies and your body is just not the same - yes, like mine! I was lucky as I had a very fit husband and he kept my honest and real about my body and health. 

What I never gave up the past 20 years was my training - I mixed it up in between doing studio fitness, F45 (circuit style training), long distance running and Crossfit. I struggled with committing to team sports as it just did not suit my hectic lifestyle. I even join in my kids TKD training on Saturdays!

But I do train at lunch time without fail. I don't make excuses, except when I am ill. I have even blocked out my calendar from 12pm to 1pm - no if's, no but's. Why? Because this is the only time I have to myself - time to think and plan my week, months and year ahead. 

I get to reflect on what I have done well and things that I have not done well. I think about how to stream line all the painful admin tasks, what to feed the family, how I can make Seraphim Skincare better than it is today, how I should deal with challenging friends and family, but most of all -  learn how to be a better person all round.

I know the future is not guaranteed as there are always those nasty curve balls that come flying our way, but my goal is to LIVE TO 100 YEARS OLD. I made a few assumptions on timing here but if all goes accordingly, I will have the opportunity to meet my great grand children!

So there it is. My reason for structuring my life the way I do!

If you are struggling, get a personal trainer - don't be afraid to ask for help. I am a big believer in external assistance.

Or send me an email, I would love to help any way I can - even if it is to just say g'day.

Bye for now.

Ninah K.